Gnin Lah

I have to thank Mr Wan for his helpfulness and patience in the process of buying a bike. I went to many different bike shops to talk to their sales person, but Mr Wan stood out from the rest as he wasn't pushy, condescending or like some other sales people who give you the impression that you're asking stupid questions and just sweep your concerns away with a "aiyah no such thing one la trust me". It felt like his advice was based on a genuine interest in helping me find the best bike and deal (for both the shop and for me), rather than some other sales people who seem to only care about how much they can earn from you and bluff you with hidden costs.

The standard of service remained very high even though I kept calling him after visiting other shops to bargain about the prices. By this point other sales people I talked to seemed to lose interest in selling to me already, while wan would still try to give his best deal and his advice. Throughout it all it did not feel like he was trying to wring out whatever money he could by tweaking his advice, but rather he sounded like a friend who was laying out all the options clearly for me.

Even though I did not buy the bike from here in the end, I thought that the sales service I got from Mr Wan stood out enough from the rest that the least I could do was to give a review on here.

Nonetheless, Mr Wan would be one of the first salesperson that I would tell my friends to look for, if they were looking for a bike.