About Us

Established in 2004, with more than 10 years presence in the market, HL Cycle is your one stop solution for all your motorcycling needs. From sales of new & used motorcycles, to servicing & repairs, to annual insurance renewal & accident claims or repair, you can be rest assured that you are in good hands.

For every customer that purchases a motorcycle from us, rest assured our service standards will not drop the moment you put pen to paper. In an event of an accident, a customer just need to make a call to us & provide the accident details. We'll arrange towing service to bring the bike to our service centre, assist you in lodging a police report, accident report & settle the accident claims for you while you rest & recuperate at the comfort of your own home!

We do all sorts of maintenance & repairs for any make and models. We provide a complimentary snow wash once your servicing is completed. No one wants to leave a workshop with a greasy motorcycle!

HL Cycle is also the exclusive distributor of BMC Air Filter for motorcycles in Singapore!

The BMC air filter is composed of a metallic mesh covered by an oiled multilayer cotton filtration material. This guarantees a high level of filtering efficiency and a limited loss of air pressure. The oil used gives the material it's 'sticky' adhesive characteristic which aids in the retention of air impurities, without compromising or blocking air flow penetration. This also creates a continuous filtering process. The cotton filtrating element is contained within an external support frame which interfaces with the air box and allows it to be securely installed in the air-box. Every stage of the production process (from design to manufacturing) is carried out in Italy by Italian engineers using the finest materials.